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Digital future with Dynamic Integrations

Future with Dynamic Integrations

Dynamic Integrations has faced several challenges establishing its business.

Our old fashion (industrial era) view of a customer-product matrix has led us in the wrong direction.

We discovered that the matrix is not relevant anymore meaning that our products have various use/support various business processes and can be used in a range of industries.

Our company is constructed to respond quickly to an ever faster changing business environment.

This agile ability to deliver new products and services, when customers demand emerges is reflected in the software we sell.

We aim for permanent but flexible products for our customers.

To maximise the speed in which customers can adjust to the future we share; our business model, information architecture and our blog advising how to coop with the disruptive changes.

We contribute to shaping the digital era, making work a motivating and giving experience, a new world enabling free cooperation, creativity, and joy.

Dynamic wishes to face the digital challenges together with you.

Dynamic Integration delivers the Nordic enterprise

Support from the Norwegian State

Innovation Norway, a independent Norwegian State Department, supports our company with funds, knowledge and a European network.

We received approval of our plans after a tough approval process. With their help, we can deliver our products and services not only in Norway but in the whole of North-West Europe.

Innovation Norway will be a huge support for our further expansion with, legal, Intellectual Property and general business development consultancy.

people are the future network organisation

Network organisation

We see a world emerging where people from all over the world can connect. Based on this and other insights we have created a network organisation.

This is the first example, how we actively want to contribute to the creation of the digital era.

the network organisation for the digital future
Businesses need transformation to match the digital future

PEST Analysis

Based on our PEST analysis we can only conclude that the entire world is in turmoil.

PEST analysis (political, economic, social and technological) describes a framework of macro-environmental factors used in the environmental scanning component of strategic management.

It is part of an external analysis when conducting a strategic analysis or doing market research, and gives an overview of the different macro-environmental factors to be taken into consideration.

It is a strategic tool for understanding market growth or decline, business position, potential and direction for operations. Source wikipedia

Reasons why businesses require digitalisation and digital governance for the future


There is an irreversible Political (power) shift going on from the West (US) to the East (China). This shift will cause major disturbances in the existing power balances and alliances from the 20st century.

The new AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) where a new international financial alliance is formed without the United States, is a very good example.


There is also a new financial storm coming because the fundamental financial problems resulting in the financial crises of 2008 are not dissolved. This poses an enormous threat to the global Economy.

“To dissolve,” means implementing a structural change so the problem cannot emerge again. Ref: Mabey C., et al., 2007, Managing Change 2nd edition, page 48.

The continuous devaluation of currencies, will eventually result in a currency war between nations.

Ref. Rickards J., 2012, Currency wars, The Making of the Next Global Crisis.

The ongoing lowering of interest rates by national banks resulting in negative yield on state issued bonds, is destroying the wealth build up in pension funds.

This is creating major problems for the aging western population, all depending on their pensions.


The “Social contract” an individual has with a Society must be reviewed thoroughly. One way to approach this is via the Universal Basic Income (UBI) thought.

Due to technological changes, there is no job guarantee what so ever. Even worse, high schools/universities do not know in which fields to educate their students.

Nobody knows which jobs become obsolete and when, and which new skills will be in demand for new emerging jobs. This uncertainty concerning jobs, job skills and the future in general can create social unrest.



Technology is the main driver for the new digital age we are entering. Robots and Artificial Intelligence are and will be results of various breakthroughs, which results in “products”, totally changing our lives, so called disruptive changes. The link below shows all the fields technology is affecting.


These changes affect the business model of nearly every industry segment (Economic), the way a Society is functioning, the governance of the society (Political) and creates opportunities for even more Technological changes.

Digital future created for people by Dynamic Integrations


Dynamic Integrations enables businesses and individuals to thrive in the world emerging from the 4th industrial revolution.

We build dynamic integrations of data for businesses and create networks enabling people to grow, cooperate and create.

Mission statement

Dynamic Integrations enables businesses and individuals to thrive in the emerging digital era.

We build dynamic integrations of data for businesses and create networks enabling people to grow, cooperate and create.

A fundamental thought behind our mission is equally distributed wealth according to Piketty’s insights.

Core Values

Definition of a core value from a business perspective:

A principle that guides an business internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world.

Based on mission statement our core values are:

  • • Delivering an integrated view on the entire business chain requires coherent reasoning
  • • Dynamic data integration in any organisation requires communication and control of Information Architecture, changes requires honesty and administration
  • • Building networks for the digital era after the 4th industrial revolution requires new thinking, creativity and courage to explore



To achieve and stimulate our core values Dynamic Integrations creates a culture focussing on:

  • • Role based jobs, giving people various roles in our organisation to gain insight in business coherence
  • • An open dialog, everybody must feel free to be honest and share ideas and insights with each other
  • • Organising, an administrative approach to everything we do
  • • Creativity, variety of tasks, projects and assignments
People make Dynamic Integrations future

Our People


Dynamic Integrations is a Norwegian-Dutch business.